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  • How much are the on going costs in racing a horse?
    After you pay the initial fee to 'purchase your share' you will then have to pay monthly bills. If you own 10% of a horse with TBB you will spend $320 per month on average. Each month is different and this is not a set fee. When your horse is in training it is more expensive than when they are spelling. Some months will be significantly less than this when they are spelling.
  • How much of the prize money do I get?
    When you sign into a horse, you provide Racing Victoria with your nominated Bank Account details. If you are a sole owner and not in a syndicate, you will get your prize money deposited straight into your account. Before prize money is distributed, 10% will be taken out for the trainer, 5% for the jockey and often a 1%-3% levy will also be deducted for animal welfare or the jockeys trust. If you own 10% of a horse then you will get 10% of the remaining prize money sent to you.
  • Does TBB keep Super Vobis or BOBS money or is it given to the owner?
    If you own a share in a horse with TBB Racing, you will receive your share in Super Vobis or BOBS bonuses. That includes any South Australia, Queensland or any other eligible State incentive scheme. TBB will not keep this money. It is yours.
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