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Showtime x Zalmara (USA) '21 Colt

Showtime x Zalmara

Shane Nichols opened the batting at the Inglis Gold Sale and purchased Lot 1 for $50,000.


He described him as "the nicest colt on the complex, and he went through at 10:00 am on Mother's Day when there weren't many on the grounds. It is the perfect time to buy a nice colt when there wasn't much competition."


He is a very attractive colt, purchased with a couple of options in mind. He could make a lovely trade horse where we trial him up, and if he performs well, make a considerable amount of money on him.

On the flip side, if he takes a little longer to come to hand or proves to be a really smart horse, we can race for the lucrative Vobis money on offer in Victoria.


If he gets on with the job and wins a race as an early two-year-old, then we can sell him for an even more significant sum. So there are a couple of ways we can play it.


Showtime is a young stallion with one racing crop, and he has already had a Stakes winner in SHOW ROYALE.


His Stakes-performed dam has already produced two multiple winners from three to race. One of which has won over $100,000 to what you would consider a lesser stallion than Showtime.


We are looking to set up a syndicate to race a share in this exciting colt.

Showtime x Zalmara '21 Colt Pedigree
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